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When your area or oriental rugs are in need of a deep cleaning, the Area Rug Cleaning Pros, should be your first call. Our area rug cleaning technicians have many years experience and know how to clean most rugs.

We use only the best cleaning solutions in the industry to properly clean your area rugs.  Our equipment is constantly being upgraded to the newest technology to keep up with our ever evolving industry.

Just because a carpet cleaning company tells you they can clean your area rug doesn’t mean they are certified or qualified. Don’t just let any company clean your rugs. 

We have over 26 years experience in cleaning area rugs.

 Why Choose US?

  • We inspect your area rugs to make sure we use the right cleaning method
  • We only use the best cleaning solutions that are safe for family and pets
  • We offer upfront pricing. WE DONT HAVE HIDDEN FEES EVER!!
  • We offer FREE Pickup and Drop Off in the event your area rugs can’t be cleaned on site.  
We are a local family owned business with over 26 + years experience in cleaning area rugs or oriental rugs

At Area Rug Cleaning Pros, our emphasis is on top notch rug cleaning services!  Our experts have specialized hands on experience to clean your area rugs. 

Don’t be fooled by some of our competitors. Some are not qualified to properly clean area rugs. We have been trained by industry leading professionals in how to properly identify fibers, and the correct cleaning method to properly clean your area rugs.

Area Rug Cleaning Pros’ Outstanding Solution

Area Rug Cleaning Pros understand that your delicate fabrics are an expensive investment that can survive 150 years or longer, in contrast to traditional carpets and upholstery.

Your area and oriental rugs are more than just masterpieces of art. As we understand that they are excellent investments too, we handle them with great care and attention to detail when cleaning. We also personalize the cleaning procedure for each unique rug by utilizing the different cleaning methods.

Your area rugs won’t stay resistant to dust, debris, and allergens with only vacuuming. We advise that your area rugs cleaned by professional rug cleaners to ensure they are free from dirt, stains, and allergens.

An Ideal Blend of Conventional and Advanced Cleaning Techniques

We utilize different area rug cleaning methods such as hot water extraction technology, light moisture cleaning, and off-site rug washing technology to get deep under the rug fibers. To provide your rug the best cleaning service; our technology adjusts the water to the ideal temperature depending on how intricate the rug fiber is.

Our certified and experienced Area Rug Cleaning Pros handle your area and oriental rugs in our  facility with great care. They employ the best cleaning techniques combining traditional methods with advanced technology. They only use robust yet mild top-notch cleaning agents that are very gentle on your rug’s fabric.

How Area Rug Cleaning Pros Clean Your Rugs

  • Our staff will examine the area rug first for stains and damage. Then we’ll go over the best cleaning procedure with you. For liability reasons we will not clean damaged area rugs.
  • We provide you with our recommendations to ensure you are aware of everything we discovered during the inspection process.
  • Depending on each situation we  may clean your area rug  on-site, depending on the nature of area rug and its condition. 
  • To clean it more thoroughly, we occasionally have to remove it from the premises. In case of the complex nature of fibers or stains that are difficult to remove, we would need to utilize a different cleaning method, such as an off-site rug cleaning method.
  • To loosen, eliminate, and emulsify the debris and stains, we vacuum and clean the rug with light moisture later. Any area that needs additional care is spot treated before we begin our rug cleaning service. 


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What to Expect During Your Professional Area Rug  Cleaning

We will begin with a thorough deep vacuuming to remove top debris and dry soil.

We apply a pet and kid-safe pre-condition treatment designed to break down soil and grime.

We use state-of-the-art mechanical equipment to work the solution deep into the carpet fibers to ensure the deepest clean possible. This also helps to loosen soil and debris.

We rinse the solution from the carpet, using extremely hot water to flush out residue, soil, and solids while killing up to 99% of bacteria.

If you would like to protect your investment, we will apply a carpet protectant and groom your carpet for optimal dry time. This is an extra service that is not included with basic area rug or oriental rug cleaning and will be an additional fee.

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